An Introduction and Guide to React props

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It is very difficult not to encounter the concept of prop while using React. It is important that we should know and understand this concept while we are building an app in React.

We have learned state management and its use in my previous post. …

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State management is one of the most important topics in React and today we are going to use state in class components and functional components. Before that, let’s learn what state is.

State is a JavaScript object. It stores data and any changes on that data will re-render the page…

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Öncelikle herkese merhaba, ben Muzaffer. Medium platformunda çok yeniyim. Aslında yeniyim derken bir blog paylaşımı yapma anlamında yeni olduğumu kastediyorum. Yoksa çoğu yazılımcı gibi ben de araştırmalarımı yaparken bu platformu kullanıyorum.

Yakın zamanda iş hayatımda bir web projesinde React kullanma fırsatım oldu. …

Muzaffer Özkara

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